Designcare is a very efficient, professional and first class operation which delivers a very customized and personalized service. I am always 100% satisfied with the work. As well as cleaning, they provide scotch guarding of special fabrics. Urgent appointments can be made for accidents and all services come with a smile. I have been so happy that in the past 20 years I have never once obtained quotes from other companies. I feel appreciated by Designcare and am happy to recommend for residential as well as commercial projects.

Farah @ Hampstead
Thanks the carpets look lovely, as always, after your visit!

Kerry, South Kensington
We have just returned to our sparkling flat. Thanks for a job well done as usual.

Claire, Putney
Thank you for coming to the **** ********* yesterday and doing such good job, I saw it the results today; the stain on first floor under the marble table in not visible like before - brilliant,
Thank you for cleaning the big cushion and carpet stain too.
I'm sorry I could not see you, but fantastic that you came in! I'm very pleased with your job.

Thank you

Housekeeper - Surrey Estate
Thanks you very much, you did a great job as usual

Mr F, Belgrave Square
Sofa and chair look amazing . Thank you for an excellent job

Marlene - Maida Vale, London W9
I am very pleased with the carpets and now wish I have them all done. The stairs and landing is particularly good. I will be in touch in to make a date for the rest.

Mrs T, Radlett
I am amazed by how incredibly clean the carpet is! You are my absolute hero thanks you so much!

Sonja, Kensingon
Thank you again for your great job yesterday. The tenants were very pleased.

Shelley, London SW11


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Nigel Woodhead

Nigel Woodhead – Owner Operator

Designcare are an independent, family owned business that provides specialist carpet, fabric and natural stone cleaning services to homes in Central and North London.

Our aim is develop lifetime relationships with our clients. This we do by providing outstanding cleaning results in a friendly, professional, reliable and discrete manner.

Many of our London based clients have now been using Designcare for over 21 years and we are proud of the reputation for excellence  that we have developed. Long may it continue.”

Safe, non toxic and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions

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Many people are now much more sensitive to the use of chemicals in the home. This is primarily an awareness of the potential danger of chemicals to the health of  their family and also a desire to protect the environment we live in.


For some time we have been testing the full range of cleaning chemicals available for use in the cleaning of carpets, fabrics and natural stone. Our aim was to find the best performing, non toxic, environmentally responsible solutions to use in your home. On completion of this testing process we have adopted a policy of using detergent free cleaning solutions that have been approved both by the Green Seal  and the WoolSafe organisation.

These solutions have been proven to provide:-

  • Effective cleaning.
  • Excellent after cleaning appearance with no re-soiling
  • Safe for all home occupants including individuals with Asthma, chemical hypersensitivity, children and pets
  • Reduced impact on the Environment.

Detergent Free cleaning – How it works?

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detergent free cleaningThe Detergent Free products we use to clean your carpets and fabrics are the ultimate healthy cleaning solutions. Detergent Free products  utilise natural minerals to enhance the cleaning power of water.

These natural minerals are:-

  • Sodium Chloride (salt)
  • Sodium Citrate(used in medicines, cheesemaking and soft drinks)
  • Sodium Carbonate(water softener and used in the manufacture of soap and paper)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate ( used in baking, drinks and medicines)
  • Lactic acid(found in milk, wine and fruits, used as a food additive

These natural ingredients  help to convert soiling and staining  into soap and improve the rinsing power of water. The cleaning results we produce with these products are exceptional

Our Detergent Free cleaners  do not contain any petrochemicals, solvents, surfactants, phosphates or other man made chemicals. All our cleaning solutions are VOC free and will not contribute to indoor air quality problems.

The benefits of Detergent Free cleaning are:-

  • No re-soiling as all residues are rinsed away
  • Safe for human health and the environment – 100% natural food grade ingredients
  • No smell or chemical odour
  • Exceptional cleaning results

Woolsafe Carpet Cleaning

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Designcare have been approved by the WoolSafe Organisation for the safe and effective cleaning of wool carpets and rugs. WoolSafe is a world-wide organisation dedicated to the promotion of quality care for wool and wool rich carpets and rugs.

We have become WoolSafe Certified Operators. This  is a mark of our proficiency in the cleaning of wool carpets. It is only granted to companies that have years experience (20 years in our case) and that are members of a recognised trade association. In addition we were required to participate in the WoolSafe education programme to improve our knowledge and expertise with wool. For the future we are committed to using WoolSafe approved products when we clean wool and wool rich carpeting. We believe that this commitment provides peace of mind to our clients that their valuable carpets are in safe hands with Designcare.