Plastic overshoes x 50 pairs


Blue plastic overshoes – protect your new or cleaned carpets


Many clients are pleased to see that we wear blue plastic overshoes when we are working in your home. We are pleased to be able to offer them for sale so that your new carpets, or newly cleaned carpets, can […]

Handmade rug meets Lucozade stain

We were recently requested to attempt to rescue a beautiful handmade rug over which a bottle of Lucozade had accidentally exploded. This has left an apparently permanent Lucozade stain which is often thought to be impossible to remove.

The “Pallette” rug (supplied by the Rug Company) was designed by Fiona Curran. This rug […]

Stain Away – Stain remover

A safe and gentle stain remover and cleaner for carpets and fabrics.

Stain Away will safely remove many water based spills, stains and general soiling from washable carpets and fabrics.

Detergent-free Based on food-grade ingredients No sticky detergent residues Odourless Non-bleaching Non-fuming Non-toxic Safe for children and pets Safe for Wool and other […]