Marble restoration in Hampstead

An extremely satisfying project was the restoration of this carrera marble floor in the reception area of an exclusive residential development in Hampstead.

The floor was extremely tired, having lost most of its shine due to wear and tear and inadequate maintenance. The floor was honed and polished using diamond abrasives to […]

Slate rescue project – St Johns Wood

The client brief was to restore these slate tiles to their original colourful natural condition. Over the years the slate had been treated with several coats of high gloss sealer which had never been successfully stripped during previous cleans. This had resulted in a slate floor that was both shiny and dull through […]

Carpet Beetle on the rise in London

In the last year I have noticed a huge increase in the number of London homes that have carpet beetle infestations. I thought it might be useful to post some information about the carpet beetle. The aim is to help homeowners to better understand the carpet beetle and know how to prevent, or […]

Will cleaning my carpets ruin them?

Sometimes it seems as if the idea that  “carpet cleaning will ruin my carpets “will never die. This is one of the most widely heard misconceptions that we hear and it is based around the premise that cleaning will make a carpet re-soil faster.

The origins of this idea date back many years […]

Mobile Cleaning Unit – Powerful and efficient cleaning

We have invested heavily in state of the art cleaning tools and equipment to ensure that we are always efficient in our work

For in-home carpet cleaning we prefer to use our van mounted carpet cleaning unit. The Designcare van is parked adjacent to the client’s home with only 2 small pipes extended into […]