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Natural stone


Designcare provide a professional  cleaning, renovation, and maintenance  service for natural stone floors, walls and other surfaces.

Natural stone requires professional care to restore the stone to its original finish and maintain it at that level. At Designcare we can care for all of your natural stone surfaces including:-

  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Terrazzo
  • Travertine

We use a range of low odour maintenance products, many of these are derived from natural plant extracts.

No job is too small and we are delighted to be able to offer regular maintenance contracts.

Marble restoration in Hampstead

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An extremely satisfying project was the restoration of this carrera marble floor in the reception area of an exclusive residential development in Hampstead.

The floor was extremely tired, having lost most of its shine due to wear and tear and inadequate maintenance. The floor was honed and polished using diamond abrasives to restore it to its former glory.


Slate rescue project – St Johns Wood

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The client brief was to restore these slate tiles to their original colourful natural condition. Over the years the slate had been treated with several coats of high gloss sealer which had never been successfully stripped during previous cleans. This had resulted in a slate floor that was both shiny and dull through the accumulation of soiling in the layers of sealant. As you will see in this video managed to remove all of the contaminated layers of sealant and clean the floor to return it to an “as new” condition. The floor was finally sealed with an impregnator to repel future staining and soiling, without changing the natural appearance of the slate.


Stone restoration – A visit to Cheshire Marble Works

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Many thanks to Cheshire Marble Industries for an interesting and informative guided tour of their stone processing works in Cheshire.  It was fascinating to see the huge pieces of slate, marble and granite being cut and polished to produce exquisite worktops and tiles.