Specialising in Wool, Linen and Silk carpets we have over 20 years of experience in the safe and effective cleaning of quality floorcoverings in London. We are proud of the  outstanding cleaning results we achieve through  our expertise, professionalism and enthusiastic attention to detail.

We have invested heavily in the latest carpet cleaning cleaning technology to enable us to produce the best cleaning results efficiently and with the minimum disruption in your London home or office.

Designcare are  also committed to the use of Detergent free carpet cleaning solutions which are safe and non toxic for all occupants of the home.

In addition we are Woolsafe Licensed Operators, using Woolsafe approved cleaning solutions and methods. There are only two approved Woolsafe operators in Central London.


Mobile Cleaning Unit – Powerful and efficient cleaning

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We have invested heavily in state of the art cleaning tools and equipment to ensure that we are always efficient in our work

For in-home carpet cleaning we prefer to use our van mounted carpet cleaning unit. The Designcare van is parked adjacent to the client’s home with only 2 small pipes extended into the property to deliver and recover the cleaning solutions and soiled water. These pipes can extend up to 400 feet to reach into even the largest properties. Cleaning temperature, pressure and vacuum levels are all individually controlled at the machine by the operator to ensure that the carpets are cleaned thoroughly but safely.

The cleaning unit is powered by a 69 hp engine (lpg fuel) which provides enough power to deep clean the carpets but leave them touch dry within a short space of time. Carpets are cleaned quicker, deeper and with less disruption within the home.

The interior of the van is custom designed with clean water tanks, waste water tanks, shelving and storage for the hundreds of stain removers and tools required for  professional carpet cleaning. We believe this is the most advanced mobile cleaning unit in the London area.

Detergent Free cleaning – How it works?

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detergent free cleaningThe Detergent Free products we use to clean your carpets and fabrics are the ultimate healthy cleaning solutions. Detergent Free products  utilise natural minerals to enhance the cleaning power of water.

These natural minerals are:-

  • Sodium Chloride (salt)
  • Sodium Citrate(used in medicines, cheesemaking and soft drinks)
  • Sodium Carbonate(water softener and used in the manufacture of soap and paper)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate ( used in baking, drinks and medicines)
  • Lactic acid(found in milk, wine and fruits, used as a food additive

These natural ingredients  help to convert soiling and staining  into soap and improve the rinsing power of water. The cleaning results we produce with these products are exceptional

Our Detergent Free cleaners  do not contain any petrochemicals, solvents, surfactants, phosphates or other man made chemicals. All our cleaning solutions are VOC free and will not contribute to indoor air quality problems.

The benefits of Detergent Free cleaning are:-

  • No re-soiling as all residues are rinsed away
  • Safe for human health and the environment – 100% natural food grade ingredients
  • No smell or chemical odour
  • Exceptional cleaning results

Woolsafe Carpet Cleaning

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Designcare have been approved by the WoolSafe Organisation for the safe and effective cleaning of wool carpets and rugs. WoolSafe is a world-wide organisation dedicated to the promotion of quality care for wool and wool rich carpets and rugs.

We have become WoolSafe Certified Operators. This  is a mark of our proficiency in the cleaning of wool carpets. It is only granted to companies that have years experience (20 years in our case) and that are members of a recognised trade association. In addition we were required to participate in the WoolSafe education programme to improve our knowledge and expertise with wool. For the future we are committed to using WoolSafe approved products when we clean wool and wool rich carpeting. We believe that this commitment provides peace of mind to our clients that their valuable carpets are in safe hands with Designcare.

Will cleaning my carpets ruin them?

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Sometimes it seems as if the idea that  “carpet cleaning will ruin my carpets “will never die. This is one of the most widely heard misconceptions that we hear and it is based around the premise that cleaning will make a carpet re-soil faster.

The origins of this idea date back many years ago when it was commonplace for carpets to be cleaned using cheap and inferior detergents. These detergents coated the carpet with a sticky residue which then rapidly attracted soil making the carpet look worse than it did before cleaning. It is no wonder then that previous generations of our families  lost faith in carpet cleaning and propogated the “don’t clean your carpets” theory that now refuses to die.

In the past thirty years there have been major developments in both carpet cleaning methods and solutions. Historically carpets were “shampood” with inferior detergents. These detergents were left to dry to a sticky residue  in the carpet causing the resoiling to happen. You could liken this to shampooing your hair but not rinsing it with water!

Today carpets are rarely shampooed. They are predominantly cleaned using a two part process where a cleaning solutions is applied to the carpet and then rinsed away using some sort of extraction machine. This process leaves carpets cleaner, drier and with less residue.

Further developments have occurred with the advent of the Woolsafe Organisation(started as the International Wool Secretariat) in 1990. One of the services provided by WoolSafe is the testing and accreditation of wool carpet cleaning and maintenance products. In particular carpet cleaning solutions are tested and accredited as safe for use on wool carpets. Part of this testing is to make sure that no sticky residue is left in the carpet.

Today you can be confident that carpet cleaning won’t ruin your carpets if you use a professional carpet cleaning company like Designcare.  At Designcare we use safe and natural solutions which are WoolSafe approved and we can guarantee no resoiling.

Draught Marks (a.k.a. Filtration Soiling) on carpets

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What is draught marking?

Draught marking appears on carpets as dark soiled areas or spots around the edges of rooms or under doorways. In extreme cases it is found across the middle of a room in the configuration of the floorboards.

It is also known as filtration soiling, fogging or dust marks. The cause is always the same. Contaminated air blows through or across the carpet and the carpet acts as a filter, removing the dirt from the air. The resultant draught marking is both unsightly and a problem to remove.

The contaminated air gets to the carpet through:-

  • gaps under the skirting board

  • gaps between the floorboards
  • holes in the carpet caused by nails or carpet fitting tools
  • gaps under doors


The best method of preventing draught marking ruining the look of your new carpets is to specify a draught proof installation. This prevents the movement of air through the carpet and may involve the following steps before the carpet is installed:-

  • Laying sheets of hardboard on top of the existing floorboards
  • Taping all the hardboard joints to prevent leaks of air
  • Laying paper on top of the hardboard to add extra draught proofing
  • Using flexible mastic to seal the gap between the skirting board and the floor.

If these measures are carried out before the carpet and underlay are installed then it is unlikely that very much draught marking will occur .


Most draught marking can be removed by cleaning, but not cured. The microscopic airborne soiling is tenaciously oil bonded to the carpet fibres. The degree of success in the removal of the soil depends on the nature of the soil (pollution) and the length of time that it has been present. At Designcare we have researched and tested many ways of removing draught marking and we are now confident that we can remove the majority of this soiling. However a draught marking problem can’t be cured by cleaning as the soiling will return if the contaminated air is allowed to continue to flow through or across the carpet.

Carpet cleaning – draught marking

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Take a look at this video of a carpet we cleaned in Kensington. Like many carpets in London there was extremely bad draught marking around the edges of the room

Professional colour repair of carpets

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Here is a short video showing how we professionally colour repair carpets. Colour repair can be a simple alternative to tearing out and replacing an entire carpet that has been contaminated by bleach and other harsh chemicals.