Mobile Cleaning Unit – Powerful and efficient cleaning

We have invested heavily in state of the art cleaning tools and equipment to ensure that we are always efficient in our work

For in-home carpet cleaning we prefer to use our van mounted carpet cleaning unit. The Designcare van is parked adjacent to the client’s home with only 2 small pipes extended into the property to deliver and recover the cleaning solutions and soiled water. These pipes can extend up to 400 feet to reach into even the largest properties. Cleaning temperature, pressure and vacuum levels are all individually controlled at the machine by the operator to ensure that the carpets are cleaned thoroughly but safely.

The cleaning unit is powered by a 69 hp engine (lpg fuel) which provides enough power to deep clean the carpets but leave them touch dry within a short space of time. Carpets are cleaned quicker, deeper and with less disruption within the home.

The interior of the van is custom designed with clean water tanks, waste water tanks, shelving and storage for the hundreds of stain removers and tools required for  professional carpet cleaning. We believe this is the most advanced mobile cleaning unit in the London area.

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